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Registration for Spring 2016 programs and Summer Camp programs will start January 12th, 2016. Be sure to check out some of the cool new programs we are offering this year!

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Family ProgramsYouth and Teen ProgramsAdult Programs (Ages 18 and up)
Summer CampsExtra Adult Tickets

Central Park Zoo offers families a chance to discover the wonders of wildlife together. Most ticket prices include 1 child and 1 adult. Book a family Wildlife Adventure today!

Little Hatchlings (12-23 months with adult)  
   Regular Price: $210.00 Member Price: $180.00

Explore the zoo and all of its wonders with your little one. We'll sing songs, do an art activity, meet an animal visitor, and explore an animal exhibit in this program designed for your zoo baby!

Toddler Time (ages 2-3 with adult)  
   Regular Price: $210.00 Member Price: $180.00

Meet a variety of furry, scaly, and feathery zoo animals in these interactive classes for toddlers and their caregivers. Live animals, movement and musical activities and a craft are part of the fun.

Kinder Kritters (ages 4-5 with adult)  
   Regular Price: $140.00 Member Price: $120.00
Preschoolers will have a blast in these fun-filled programs designed for the little animal lover! Our instructor will lead them through songs, dances, games and an animal-themed craft. Kids and their care takers will also get a chance to meet an animal guest in each.
  Session  Spring Saturdays 10am(: Sat,May 7,2016-Sat,Jun 4,2016 10:00AM-11:00AM   COMING SOON
Family Fun Day: Winter Holiday (all ages)
   Regular Price: $35.00 Member Price: $25.00 Qty
Join us for a day of fun for the whole family at the zoo! When you register for Family Fun Days, you and your family can participate in any of the special activities scattered throughout the zoo at different animal exhibits. Activities include games, themed crafts, scavenger hunts, meet-a-keeper, live animal encounters and theater performances. Tickets prices are for one adult and one child. 
  Session  Winter Holiday Celebra: Sun,Dec 13,2015 12:00PM-3:00PM   Available
Penguin Exploration (ages 4-8 with adult)
   Regular Price: $75.00 Member Price: $65.00 Qty

Learn about polar life and the special adaptations penguins need to survive in their environment. Our actor-instructor team will lead the class in hands-on activities, games, drama, and puppetry to find out all there is to know about penguins. After bagels and pastries, make your way to the Penguin exhibit to meet a penguin keeper. Ticket price includes one adult and one child.

  Session  Penguin Exploration: Sat,Dec 5,2015 10:00AM-11:30AM   WAIT LIST

Central Park Zoo Youth and Teen programs are designed to connect kids to nature. Programs feature animal encounters, exhibit visits, art activities, and more! They are also an excuse to have fun!

Junior Keepers: Tropics (Ages 7-10)  
   Regular Price: $60.00 Member Price: $50.00

Roll up your sleeves and help the keepers care for the animals. From studying animal behavior to creating enrichment for our curious critters, you'll have a chance to go behind the scenes and find out what a keeper's job entails.

  Session  Spring 2016: Sun,Mar 6,2016 9:00AM-10:30AM   COMING SOON
Junior Keepers: Grizzly Bears (Ages 7-10)  
   Regular Price: $60.00 Member Price: $50.00

Roll up your sleeves and help the keepers care for the animals. From studying animal behavior to creating enrichment for our curious critters, you'll have a chance to go behind the scenes and find out what a keeper's job entails.

  Session  Spring 2016: Sun,Apr 10,2016 9:00AM-10:30AM   COMING SOON
Junior Keepers-Penguins (Ages 7-10)
   Regular Price: $60.00 Member Price: $50.00 Qty

Roll up your sleeves and help the keepers care for the animals. From studying animal behavior to creating toys for our curious critters, you have a chance to go behind the scenes and find out what a keepers job entails.

Little Zoo Vets (ages 8-12)  
   Regular Price: $500.00 Member Price: $450.00

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a zoo veterinarian? What do you do when a tiger has a tooth ache or an elephant has a sore foot? How do you anesthetize a fish or an aardvark? Does a walrus say "ah"? in this afterschool class, students will learn about the different aspects of zoo veterinary medicine taught by WCS veterinarian Dr. John Sykes. Classes will involve real veterinary medicine equipment and supplies. Students will gain an appreciation of what zoo veterinarians do every day and how animals at the zoo are cared for.

Five Thursday sessions: March 3, 10, 17, 31, April 7

  Session  Spring 2016: Thu,Mar 3,2016-Tue,Apr 7,2015 4:00PM-5:30PM   COMING SOON
Day Camps
   Regular Price: $100.00 Member Price: $80.00 Qty

Looking for something for your kids to do on a school holiday?  Send them to the zoo for the day!
In this one day camp, kids will have fun making enrichment treats for some of our animals and studying their behavior and make a craft and play fun zoo games.

  Age Group
  Session  Grades PreK-1st: Mon,Feb 8,2016 9:00AM-3:00PM   Available
Winter Zoo Camp (Grades Pre-K to 4th)
   Regular Price: $350.00 Member Price: $325.00 Qty

Spend your winter break at the Central Park Zoo! During this 3-day winter camp, youngsters will participate in a variety of hands-on activities including live animal encounters, theater performances, crafts, and much more. They'll also make special winter treats for the zoo animals. Sign up for Winter Camp and you'll be able to do early registration for 2016 summer camp!

Snacks will be provided. Children must bring their own lunches.

  Age Group
Winter Teen Internship (Ages 13-17)
   Regular Price: $700.00 Member Price: $600.00 Qty

Interested in conservation? Animals? Zoo Vet care? Then, this is the experience for you. Spend your Saturdays at the Central Park Zoo getting an in-depth look at a variety of zoo careers. You'll meet with zoo vet techs, conduct an animal behavior study, conduct an urban ecologystudy, work with zoo keepers, photograph wildlife and much more. This experience looks great on college applications and is an ideal follow-up to the summer teen internship.


  Age Group
  Session  Winter Jan 9, 16, 23, : Sat,Jan 9,2016-Sat,Jan 30,2016 10:00AM-1:00PM   Available
Mid-Winter Camp (Grades Pre-K to 2nd)
   Regular Price: $350.00 Member Price: $325.00 Qty

Brrr! Come in from the cold and spend 4 days at the Central Park Zoo at our Mid-Winter Camp! The week will be filled with exciting adventures in which kids will meet cool animals, play animal-themed games and make wild crafts. Campers will also make snowy treks through the zoo to see some of our amazing exhibit animals, like our snow leopards, happily romping in wintry bliss!
Children will be divided up into 2 age groups: PreK-1 and 2nd-5th.

Snacks will be provided. Children must bring their own lunches.

  Age Group
Spring Break Camp (Grades Pre-K to 2nd)  
   Regular Price: $350.00 Member Price: $300.00

Join us for this 4-day camp and tell all your friends you spent Spring Break at the Central Park Zoo! Each day, campers will be scientists who go on zoofari adventures in different zones of the zoo to solve a who-done-it animal mystery! They'll also play animal-themed games, make critter-y crafts, meet some of our program animals and make special treats for our zoo friends. Children will be divided up into 2 age groups: Prek/K and 1st/2nd. Snacks will be provided. Children must bring their own lunches.


Explore issues of wildlife conservation with Central Park Zoo staff, experience the zoo in a unique way, and see our exhibits and animals through an expert's eye. At these programs, you'll also have an opportunity to meet and mingle with other wildlife devotees.

Photo Series: Breakfast with the Birds
   Regular Price: $75.00 Member Price: $65.00 Qty

Spend your morning photographing birds in the zoos tropic zone - before the zoo opens. After having breakfast in the Education Center and speaking with an Animal Dept. Manager,you'll head over to the tropic zone to help the keepers feed the birds and conduct the morning census. Our resident wildlife photographer, will also be there to give you some helpful hints for photographing our feathered friends. This is a unique experience to learn about the birds in our collection and speak with the people that care for them. Personal camera required.

  Age Group
  Session  Winter 2016: Sun,Jan 24,2016 8:30AM-10:30AM   Available
Conservation Connection: Grizzly Bears  
   Regular Price: $75.00 Member Price: $65.00

In this class, you'll learn not only about brown bears and the work that the Wildlife Conservation Society does in North America, but also how we care for our bears at the Central Park Zoo. You'll start off the class having a light breakfast and learn about the WCS scientists who are working to protect grizzlies in the wild. The class will then go over to the bear exhibit and meet a keeper to find out about their job and make bear enrichment.

  Session  Spring 2016: Sun,Mar 20,2016 9:00AM-11:00AM   COMING SOON
Woo at the Zoo  
   Regular Price: $125.00 Member Price: $100.00
Join us for a Valentine's Day celebration and learn about some of the cool mating behaviors of our zoo animals. You and your significant other can enjoy an evening getting to see some of our animals up close and learning some of their unique courting techniques, breeding behaviors and mating rituals. While sipping adult beverages and sampling some tasty hors d'oeuvres, you'll end the evening playing The Mating Game trivia game! It is the perfect start to a romantic Valentine's Day evening.
  Session  February 2016: Sat,Feb 13,2016 4:00PM-6:00PM   COMING SOON

Registration for Summer Camp will open on January 12, 2016.

Toddler Mini-Camp 4 Day (2-3 years old with adult)  
   Regular Price: $175.00 Member Price: $150.00

4 day camp!

In this mini-camp, toddlers and their caregivers will get a sneak peek of what camp is really like. Each day, there will be a different theme with animals, exhibit visits, movement activities, and a craft. Our littlest campers will even get their own camp t-shirt. One week per camper.

Kinder Zoo (PreK-K)  
   Regular Price: $500.00 Member Price: $475.00

In this 5-day camp, well explore animal coloration, animal families and what animals eat! Crafts, hands-on activities, and animal guests are all part of the fun! One week per camper.

Campers must be entering pre-K or Kindergarten in September 2016 and at least 4 years of age.

Week of Wildlife (1st & 2nd grades)  
   Regular Price: $500.00 Member Price: $475.00

Campers spend the week exploring the zoo and discovering the diversity of the animal kingdom! Adventures and mystery will lead your camper through the rainforest, temperate forests, wetlands, and polar regions. Campers will make treats for some lucky zoo inhabitants, conduct experiments, and learn what it takes to survive in these unique habitats. One week per camper.

Campers must be entering 1st or 2nd grade in September 2016.

Zoo Explorer (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)  
   Regular Price: $500.00 Member Price: $475.00

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime, here at the Central Park Zoo! We will visit some exciting animal habitats from around the globe and learn about what it takes to be a true survivor! Campers will go on a quest each day trying to figure out which animals are true masters of survival. By the end of the week campers will know what it takes to thrive in the harshest of habitats and make some new animal friends along the way. One week per camper.

Campers must be entering 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade in September 2016.

Junior Keepers (6th, 7th, 8th grades)  
   Regular Price: $500.00 Member Price: $475.00

Enrich your summer by getting to know the ins and outs of zoo keeping! This week will allow campers to work closely with keepers and help in the care of our animal collection. Campers will create and test out different types of enrichment for the animals in the zoo throughout the week. On the last day of camp, parents, friends, and zoo staff will join us for presentations of our constructed enrichment items. One week per camper.

Campers must be entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in September 2016.

Careers in Conservation (9th-12th Grade)  
   Regular Price: $2,000.00 Member Price: $1,800.00
In this summer program, teens will have the opportunity to spend three weeks with our skilled education team learning about a wide range of careers in conservation at the Central Park Zoo. From learning what it takes to care for the exhibit animals, to understanding the complex system of flora around the zoo grounds, teens will come away from this experience with a great introduction to many aspects of working in a zoo. They will also have the opportunity to conduct an animal behavior study, engage in an urban ecology research project, select an elective, and participate in an exhibit design project. Guest speakers to the camp could include the animal managers, zoo veterinarians, exhibit designers, research scientists, zoo actors, and more.

Participants must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade in September 2016.
  Session  Session 1: Mon,Jul 25,2016-Fri,Aug 12,2016 9:00AM-3:00PM   COMING SOON

Make it a family occasion and add an additional adult to your family program. One additional adult per program.

Toddler Time Series Extra Adult
   Price: $30.00
Extra adult
  Session  Extra Adult Toddler Ti: Sat,Sep 19,2015-Mon,Dec 14,2015 10:00AM-12:30PM   Available
Little Hatchlings Series Extra Adult
   Price: $30.00 Qty
Extra adult
  Valid:  Fri,Sep 18,2015 - Sun,Dec 20,2015   Available